CAP training

Want to learn more about the benefits of CAP Network? A number of online and in-person resources are available.

Online Resources for CAP members

CAP Training Videos

CAP Help provides answers to common CAP questions. Login now »

Training Workshops

Want to learn more about CAP or get help with updating your CAP profile? For more information or to set up a class, send an email to

CAP Help Team

The IRT Web Help team is available Monday through Friday to troubleshoot problems and hear your suggestions. You can request immediate assistance in the context of CAP by clicking on the "Feedback" tab visible on the right side of your profile page, once you are logged in. Or you can contact the IRT Web Help team. Request help now »

Targeted Presentations

Targeted presentations are available to help school units make meaningful use of Stanford Profiles. Presentations will accomodate the unique concerns and workflows of each group. Contact us

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