Faculty, graduate students, postdocs and staff can use the CAP Network to work more closely with each other, share files, and stay on top of what's happening at Stanford University.

CAP Network can help you:

Prepare for meetings

Look up someone's profile, and you'll not only get accurate contact information, but a snapshot of his or her background and who you may know in common.

Find experts and resources

Tap into the expertise of your colleagues by searching for people by name or topic and browsing our schools, institutes, departments, and divisions.

Discover new research and training opportunities

Track what’s going on across organizational silos and discover untapped collaborators and new mentors.

Take your proposal or presentation to a new level

Share your proposals and presentations on your profile and get feedback from colleagues on the projects that matter to you.

Reduce redundant efforts

Reach out to other campus units to identify common challenges and join efforts to come up with the best solutions.

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